Strawberry Ice Cake


Strawberry Ice is a cross of Blueberry with an unknown sativa strain, reportedly originating from North America and further developed by Bulldog Seeds, established by the owners of Amsterdam cannabis coffee shop The Bulldog.

Sources claim that Strawberry Ice has scent reminiscent of strawberry ice cream, and is said to produce a berrylike taste. One sample of Strawberry Ice, analyzed by the cannabis testing lab PharmLabs San Diego, showcased THC levels that exceeded 25%.

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Grow Information:

The strain is reported to grow tall with thin branches that require extra support — producing long, fluffy olive-green nugs with frosty trichomes and fiery red stigma hairs in a 60-to-70-day flowering period. Strawberry Ice requires moderate growing skills and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor grows, though it may be averse to cold climates and high altitudes.

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